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Name:Detective Jason Walsh
Location:New York, New York, United States of America

This is how it works: We pass the badge down 'til it kills you...and then we hang it on the wall. So let's raise a glass. Because a cop is dead, and he most certainly will not be forgotten. Here here.

Jason Walsh is a detective with the NYPD's 2nd Precinct. He didn't start off wanting to be a cop however, he has a story on how he got there.

Jason started out playing baseball and had made it into the minor league for The New York Yankees. He played first base. Now as a young guy of 22 he'd already made some stupid mistakes. He took money to throw some games in the minors but not enough to mess up the team stats. However when he got the call up to the major league he decided he wasn't going to do that anymore. He chose this because his girlfriend had been so proud of him and he didn't want to taint that. The people he did these favors for didn't like this and at first threatened him. When he didn't back down and agree to throw games for them they didn't go after him. Instead they went after his girlfriend at the time. They beat her pretty badly though she didn't die right away. She spent a week in the hospital before she died. All the police could come up with or say on the matter was it was a mugging gone bad. After her death he quit playing baseball and decided to become a cop.

As a cop Walsh is loyal to other cops and does a good job. He's liked by his boss and most of the other detectives. The one exception just might be Eddie Alvarez who he seems to enjoy playing pranks on. It's not that he thinks Alvarez is a bad cop, it's the opposite really. He thinks he's a good cop but he just needs to stop trying to play it safe and play the politics game. Walsh finds out his partner Kowalski was killed. All he finds out at first is he was found in East River Park with multiple stab wounds. Called another mugging gone bad as his gun, wallet, and badge were all stolen. Kowalski was known as a dirty cop and Walsh knew he wasn't a saint. He was the one to 'clean out' Kowalski's locker. He removed his porn, bondage items, as well as rolls of cash and baggies of drugs. He also insisted on being the one to tell his wife of his death. Obviously close to both of them to the point he's not surprised she knew about his other women. After the death of his partner he is given Casey Shraeger as his new partner. Their first meeting is of her dressed as a hooker as she had quite literally just been pulled from Vice. Shraeger helped him investigate his partner's murder and in the course of the investigation they find out he acted like a 'big brother' to some of the hard luck kids. He checked up on them and helped them try and get their lives together, something that didn't surprise Jason either. He discovers Detective Cole's secret but knows he was making his amends his way and let it go. Knowing he may have been the reason for Kowalski's death but knew it wasn't what he had wanted. He also informs Shraeger that the NYPD operates on an economy of favors, if you want something you have to offer something in return.

When he's not being a cop he runs and owns a place called Stage Restaurant. He poses as the short order cook when he feels like opening it. With his work as a cop it doesn't happen often. He lives in the back of the restaurant and keeps a shotgun under the front counter for protection. He's also been in a relationship with Detective Allison Beaumont. They played a game with Beaumont where they'd spout random numbers, which ended up being how many times they'd thought about sex with the other that day. Because of what happened with his girlfriend he had trouble going into the hospital when she was shot. He finally told her why and what had happened. Walsh's philosophy is that we are our secrets. That they keep us sane. He also dislikes people apologizing for being human and has stated how can you trust someone without secrets. Sounds odd but it makes sense to him, if a person can't keep secrets basically how can you trust them with yours?

(Muse and mun over 21. Walsh is from the cancelled tv show The Unusuals.)

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